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Don't Drink and Ride

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This is the shirt to wear when you are riding around town and the drunks at a party want to try your unicycle.

This T-shirt is currently in development. Your feedback is wanted. I'm expecting this shirt to be available in late 2000.

Front Design Possibility

Drink and Drive shirt design possibility

The Shirt Idea:

The concept of this shirt is a picture of somebody on a double wheeler with it being a really fuzzy picture, drunken-like. The effect is where it would normally look like a one-wheeled unicycle, but since the person looking at it is drunk, they see double.

Lots of thanks to Sven Wittorf for coming up with this concept!

About this shirt:

Fruit of the LoomThese shirts will be printed on high quality Fruit of the Loom Activewear 5.6 oz. Heavy Cotton Adult Tee Shirts.

Your feedback and ideas wanted! Please fill out the form below and tell me what you think about the design. The shirt is still in development so your feedback could result in a better design. -Thanks!


How to get this shirt:

This shirt is expected to be available in in late 1999 or in 2000. Please contact Gilby if you want more information about this shirt, or if you have suggestions for changes to this shirt or any other shirt.

Please give feedback about this shirt!
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