Gilby's Unicycling T-shirts: E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum "the unicycle dream"
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E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum

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This T-shirt was first created in 1998 as a parody of the movie ET: the Extra-Terrestrial. This shirt is still in production on it's 4th reprint and currently being sold at the Unicyclist Community (navy and black T-shirts) and also from Unicycle Source (navy T-shirts).

Front Design:

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Fruit of the LoomThese shirts are printed on navy and black high quality Fruit of the Loom Loftees 6.1 oz. Heavy Cotton Adult Tee Shirts.

History of this shirt:

The idea for this shirt came from the juggling T-shirt titled "Jugglers Park" which is a parody of the movie Jurassic Park. I liked the idea behind that shirt and started to think of a movie that could be changed to be related to unicycling. So, in February of 1997, I started working on this design. In search for a replacement for the words "the Extra-Terrestrial," the German words "ein Einrad-Traum" were used and translates to "the unicycle dream."

This shirt was first printed in July of 1998 and reprinted by popular demand with modifications in February of 1999. Modifications from the first printing are: addition of one more ink color for the trees to make 3 colors of ink, a more visible unicyclist (thicker wheel and frame), addition of stars in the sky, and a bigger gradient for the sky. I also got it printed on 2 different colors of shirts, Navy and Black; on the black shirt the trees are dark green and then black ink on the navy shirt.

We are now on the 3rd edition of the shirt printed in July of 2000 and yet more modifications were made to the third design. This design covers more of the shirt so it blends much better with the shirt where it gradiates out from the moon. Elliot and ET are bigger and bolder on this design too. The inks used are thinner inks as well allowing it to breath more and be less likely to crack over time.

People who helped with the shirt:

This shirts concept and design is by Kevin Gilbertson. Colin Schworer also assisted with drawing the unicyclist and other parts of the shirt. A special thanks goes to Christian Hoverath who came up with the German words for the shirt.

How to get this shirt:

This shirt is available at - the unicyclist community in black or navy T-shirts and is available at Unicycle Source in navy. Please contact Gilby if you want more information about this shirt, or if you have suggestions for future versions of this shirt or any other shirt.

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