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This T-shirt was created in July of 1999 to be awarded to competitors that place in the expert category at the 1999 US National Unicycle Convention. This shirt is paid for by the championship club and donations from you. To find out more about the Championship Club contact Andy Cotter.


Click on the graphic to get the big picture.

Who is on the shirt?

The unicyclist on this shirt is Yoji Kato, a unicyclist from Japan. This picture was taken by John Foss at the 9th International Unicycling Convention in Bottrop, Germany. This picture can be found on the IUF website in the UNICON IX article.

How to get this shirt:

This shirt can only be won at the 1999 US National Unicycle Convention. It is awarded to people who place in an expert catagory. Please contact Andy Cotter or Gilby if you want more information about this shirt, the championship club, or if you have suggestions for future versions of this shirt or any other shirt.

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