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This T-shirt was created for the Twin City Unicycle Club in early 1995 when they were looking for a new logo for the club.

History of this shirt:

In the fall of 1994, the Twin City Unicycle Club was in need of a new logo. So the Twin City Unicycle Club had a contest for people to design a new logo.

Gilby (not known as Gilby at the time) was just playing around with his new computer that he got earlier that year (still uses that same slow machine) using CorelDRAW 4 (now have version 7). He made a wheel by rotating and multiplying the spokes, made circles with different stroke widths, and then drew the frame and seat. Gilby played around with the standard unicycle that he created and turned it into a giraffe unicycle and a big wheel. The standard unicycle has also been used on the cover of the On One Wheel which was also designed by Gilby in early 1995. The design on the front of the shirt was the first design submitted into the contest. Gilby also designed a lot of other possibilities for the TCUC logo.

Meanwhile, Gilby was playing around with ideas for the UniTour'95 T-shirt and traced a photograph of a unicyclist on a giraffe which created a 'shadowed' effect. He took the guy from the UniTour shirt, placed a clip-art drawing of Minnesota behind it, added the text, and traced two more photos for the sides. The middle guy later got changed because there needed to be a girl unicyclist on the shirt (politics).

There were many designs that needed to be chosen from. Some were created by Gilby and some were created by Tammy Divine. The designs were voted on at many club functions during a period of a couple of weeks and these two designs won. The logo on the back of the shirt is the official logo of TCUC.

People who helped with the shirt:

This shirt was entirely designed by Kevin Gilbertson with the help of many of the members of TCUC who critiqued all of the ideas that he came up with. Tammy Divine created many other great possibilities for the logo, too.

People on the shirt:

On the left is Jamey Mossengren doing one-foot wheel walking. In the middle is Connie Cotter riding a two-wheeler which replaced a picture of Jamey Mossengren riding a giraffe that is on the UniTour'95 T-shirt. On the right is Bill Karbo doing side ride.

How to get this shirt:

This shirt is available from the Twin City Unicycle Club in Minnesota. To contact TCUC, you can e-mail Andy Cotter or Kevin Gilbertson. You can also call the TCUC hotline at (612)788-9137.

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