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The Language of Unicycling

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This T-shirt is currently in development. Your feedback and additions are wanted. I'm expecting this shirt to be available at UNICON 11.

Design Possibility

The Language of Unicycling - Front design
The Language of Unicycling - Back design
Click images to get the big picture!

The Shirt Idea:

To have as many translations of the word "unicycle" on a T-shirt.
Languages Translation Romanized
Arabic Arabic: al-darra_ja al-uh.a_diyya al-darra_ja al-uh.a_diyya
Simplified Chinese Simlified Chinese: Dulunche Dulunche
Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese: Danlunche Danlunche
Danish Ethjulet cykel
Dutch eenwieler
English Unicycle
Esperanto Monociclo
Finnish yksipyöräinen
French Monocycle
German Einrad
Greek monopodeloto
Hebrew Hebrew: Khad-Ofan Khad-Ofan
Hungarian Unicekli
Italian Monociclo
Japanese Japanese: Ichirinsha Ichirinsha
Korean ? Illuncha
Latin unirota vehi
Maltese Rotawahda
Norwegian Enhjulet Cykkel
Portuguese Monociclo
Adiolesiaya Velociped
Spanish Monociclo
Spanish (modernistic) Uniciclo
Swedish enhjuling
Taki-Taki (?) Wanwiel Baisig'ri
Turkish Tekerlekli Bisinletiyle
Yiddish Yiddish: Monotsiklirn Monotsiklirn

About this shirt:

Fruit of the LoomThese shirts will be printed on high quality Fruit of the Loom Activewear 5.6 oz. Heavy Cotton Adult Tee Shirts. They might be printed on both White and Black colored T-shirts.

Your feedback and ideas wanted! Please fill out the form below and tell me what you think about the design. If you know what the word unicycling is in another language, please let me know. The shirt is still in development so your feedback could result in a better design. -Thanks!


How to get this shirt:

This shirt is expected to be available at UNICON X. Please contact Gilby if you want more information about this shirt, or if you have suggestions for changes to this shirt or any other shirt.

Please give feedback about this shirt!
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