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This T-shirt was created in 1998 for the World Champion Unicyclist, Dustin Kelm. This shirt was made to promote his unicycling show: Unicycling Productions.

Click on the graphic to see the front or back design in a larger size.

History of this shirt:

This shirt was created in a night, just a few weeks before the 1998 National Unicycle Convention. Dustin Kelm came to me with a rough sketch and an idea for this shirt and then we sat down and this is what we came up with.

On the back of this shirt is the definition of a unicycle and a figure to show what a unicycle looks like.

This shirt was first printed in July of 1998 and reprinted with modifications in March of 1999. Modifications from the first printing are: thicker lines on the front for the letter P and the box around "unicycling" so it would stand out better; thicker (bolder) and slightly bigger text on the back to make the text appear more crisp.

People who helped with the shirt:

This shirts concept and design is by Dustin Kelm. All computer work was done by Kevin Gilbertson.

How to get this shirt:

This shirt is available from Dustin Kelm. Please contact Dustin if you want more information about this shirt, or if you have suggestions for future versions of this shirt.

If you are interested in having Dustin Kelm perform for your event, please contact him at

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