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I (Gilby) am a unicyclist from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area in Minnesota, USA and am a member of the Twin City Unicycle Club. I practice regularly (many times a week) with the club and ride my 'Big One' Coker unicycle to class at the U of MN.

Unicycling T-shirts

View and order unicycling T-shirts that were created by me. I create these T-shirts as a hobby, and make a little money from them and use it mostly to buy new unicycles and more shirts. Many of them were created for unicycling organizations. If you have a cool T-shirt idea, Gilby would love to hear from you.

Double Wheeled Unicycle Photos

Look at some pictures of Gilby riding his favorite unicycle, the double wheeler. Most of these pictures are from the summer of 1998 during the National Unicycle Convention.

Unicycling Clipart

Standard UnicycleUnicycling clipart that can be used for anything you can imagine. Right now there are basic 2-dimensional drawings of a standard, giraffe, double wheeler, and big wheel unicycles.

My Favorite Unicycling Links

Here are a few unicycling links that I found useful or like.

I also created a comprehensive database that is a mini-Yahoo like search engine and resource to find other unicycling related sites on the internet. Feel free to add as many unicycling links to it as you can. Also, please give me feedback for improvements of Links.

Long Distance Unicycling Logbook

A logbook of all the rides (most on the Coker) that I've gone on since May 1st, 1999 in preparation for the Unicycle Across Minnesota that took place from August 14-22, 1999. The logbook contains ride stats such as maximum speed, average speed, ride distance, ride time, comments from non-unicyclists, ride notes, and other things. Check it out.

More to come!

As always, there is more to come to this page. Hopefully soon, so check back often.

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