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Gilby AutoBalance™ Unicycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  2. What are the benefits of the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  3. How was the AutoBalance™ unicycle developed?
  4. How is the AutoBalance™ unicycle controlled?
  5. Does the AutoBalance™ unicycle require any skill to ride?
  6. Is the AutoBalance™ unicycle dangerous?
  7. When can I get the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  8. How can I invest in the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  9. Who should use the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  10. Who should NOT use the AutoBalance™ unicycle?
  11. Troubleshooting the AutoBalance™ unicycle.

AutoBalance™ Answers

Happy Gilby AutoBalance Unicycle Owner.

What is the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

    Unlike any other unicycle that require you to actually control the unicycle with the reactions of forces exerted on the unicycle at precise magnitudes and directions, the AutoBalance™ unicycle by Gilby (patent pending) will automatically stay balanced while doing anything on it. Over 1 trillion features have been improved on the AutoBalance™ unicycle in comparison to any other unicycle on the market. Some features include:
    • complete comfort seat (available separately by summer of 2000)
    • metamorphic wheel diameter and crank length
    • auto bump recovery
    • hover mode
    • anti gravity for easy vertical mountain unicycling
    Kevin Gilbertson, the CEO and founder of Gilby Productions calls the AutoBalance™ unicycle
    "a quantum leap in any technology known to people on Earth which will change the whole world. Any other unicycle technology will be so 1999!"

What are the benefits of the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

  • Easy to use: When you have a thought about wanting to unicycle (and when don't you?), the AutoBalance™ unicycle will find you and magically you will be riding away on it at the command of pure thought.
  • Ride on any terrain: That's right, now you can ride on any mountain, up and down trees, in the clouds, on the ocean floor, on icebergs, on the moon (vacuum to oxygen converter needed, sold separately), and over bicyclists and unicyclists using outdated technology.
  • Cruise at any speed: While in hover mode and using the metamorphic wheel diameter and crank arm length, you can cruise at virtually any speed and so far speeds have been clocked at over Mach 2. It's an experience you'll never get over.

How was the AutoBalance™ unicycle developed?

    Approximately 20.58 years (+-.01 yr) of researching alien technology under a highly classified project that was originally to be used for defending the planet against micronic dysrotational trofusional attacks. This technology was a success at killing all of the potential attacks. Since these attacks were no longer a threat (and never existed), this technology was made available to Gilby Productions, the leader in physics defying technology for unicycles.

    In 1998, after endless random burst of electrical signals to Gilby's brain, the idea for the use of this technology was dreamed up while breathing in the toxic fumes of LA at the National Unicycle Convention.

    After almost two years of development, this product is ready to be release, but the technology to manufacture this on Planet Earth was not available, so we out sourced it to Unicycle Planet where this technology could easily take over the market.

How does the mind control the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

    To put it simply, the AutoBalance™ unicycle receives many frequencies that are emitted from the brain, such as the subgalactic, schitzodal, and unicovet waves. The AutoBalance™ unicycle has built in learning, so it knows who its owner is. We wish we could tell you more about how the AutoBalance™ unicycle is controlled, but that information is highly classified.

Does the AutoBalance™ unicycle require any skill to ride?

    No. That is one of the great wonders of the AutoBalance™ unicycle. Virtually anyone can ride it.

Is the AutoBalance™ unicycle dangerous?

    The AutoBalance™ unicycle is not dangerous and it will never be in danger. However, there is the possibility of thought provoking risk that could harm those around you if they do not have an AutoBalance™ unicycle.

When can I get the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

    We are shooting for the date of April 1, 2001 for people on Earth. It is available on all other habited planets already, so if you are one of the few lucky people that get abducted by aliens, then you could have the chance of smuggling one in from another planet.

How can I invest in the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

Currently, Gilby Productions, the creator of the AutoBalance™ unicycle is a privately held company and is not seeking investors at this time. You can invest in the AutoBalance™ unicycle by buying one at one of the over 1 Billion great unicycle retailers in the Universe. At this time, unfortunately, it is not available on Planet Earth but we are working very hard to bring it here and hope to introduce it one year from today on April 1, 2001. Gilby Productions is seeking investment with our great unicycle apparel line available today by clicking here.

Who should use the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

    The AutoBalance™ unicycle is designed for use by almost anyone. It's especially useful for those that like excitement.

Who should NOT use the AutoBalance™ unicycle?

    While the AutoBalance™ unicycle will work for just about anyone, it, like most lifeforms in the universe, can't stand clowns and has the tendancy to accidentally make clowns fall at the worst possible time such as when riding up steep cliffs or on the ocean floor.

Troubleshooting the AutoBalance™ unicycle.

    Problem: The AutoBalance™ unicycle wont come to me when I visualize a unicycle.
    Answer: The most likely cause it that somebody else is riding your unicycle. Only one person can ride the unicycle at a time.

    Problem: The unicycle seat is very comfortable, I don't feel a thing.
    Answer: You're not imagining things and no, it's not numb. It's true, the complete comfort seat is the most comfortable seat in the universe.

    Problem: My wife misses me, and wants me to come home.
    Answer: You'll have to buy her a unicycle and then she can go unicycling with you. Then again, you might not want that... (sorry, we can't help you with that).

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