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Here is some unicycling clipart created by Gilby. The standard unicycle was first created in late 1994 when Kevin Gilbertson was just learning how to make cool things in CorelDRAW. The standard unicycle was then transformed into a giraffe and a big wheel. These unicycles were first used in the design of the Twin City Unicycle Club Logo that appears on the front of the TCUC T-shirt. It has also been used on the cover of the On One Wheel and in the Unicycling Productions T-shirt, among other things.

If you need any of these in another format, then please let me know. The unicycle clipart is available in the following formats: CorelDRAW, EPS (Zipped), and GIF. While the gif files may be easier to use in many cases, the vector format (CorelDRAW and EPS) will print a lot better because it can be resized without having a pixilated look.

License agreement:

You are free to use this clipart as you please. However, if you do, send me a courtesy hard copy (or the URL if on a website) of what it is used on. Gilby reserves the right to change this agreement or deny somebody the use of this clipart at any time (if used inappropriately).

Standard Unicycle

The standard unicycle.
423x716 standard.gif (48kB)
ZIPZipped Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). (49kB)

Giraffe Unicycle

The giraffe or tall unicycle.
424x1206 giraffe.gif (56kB)
ZIPZipped Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). (49kB)

Double Wheeled Unicycle

The double wheeled unicycle, two-wheeler, or biverticycle.
427x1099 2wheeler.gif (88kB)
ZIPZipped Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). (53kB)

Big Wheel Unicycle

The big wheel unicycle.
714x860 bigwheel.gif (100kB)
ZIPZipped Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). (86kB)

The whole collection

All four unicycles in one file. Vector format only.
CDRCorelDRAW 5.0 and up (CDR).
4unicycles.cdr (44 kB)
ZIPZipped Encapsulated PostScript (EPS). (108 kB)
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