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Below is a collection of unicycling links that Gilby finds most useful. There is also a comprehensive unicycling links database that Gilby also maintains, please add your website to it.

Internet Resources

The Unicyclist Community - free email, webspace, chat, forums, multimedia and more for unicyclists.

The Unicycle Page - The original and most comprehensive page on unicycling.

Homepage der deutschen Einradfahrer - the most complete unicycling resource in German.

Unicyclists Homepages

Unicyclists around the world! - a directory of unicyclists all around the world that are on the 'net.

Semcycle - Teresa & Sem are professional unicyclists who perform all over the world with a variety of shows that include unicycling, acrobatics, juggling, magic, comedy & more.

Unicycling Productions - Dustin Kelm, world champion freestyle unicyclist, is from Minnesota and performs shows at all types of events.

Our Uni Page - Tammy and Tanya Marsh's website about them and unicycling. Includes tips on how to do tricks, unicycling photos, and information about their club, the UFOs. - John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone, has many photo galleries such as the infamous 'things not to do on a unicycle', winter unicycling, mountain unicycling, and the garage page (all sorts of unis).

Unicycle Vendors and Builders

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Unicycle Source - Online retailer of a large variety of unicycles and unicycling accessories.

Semcycle Equipment - manufactures and sells Semcycle unicycles as well as other unicycling related equipment.

Telford Unicycle - the best Mountain Unicycle available. Designed and built by Geoff Faraghan.

Ebay, unicycle search - Ebay usually has a lot of unicycles that are being auctioned off. This link will search Ebay for anything that is related to unicycling.

Unicycling Organizations

International Unicycling Federation - organization that promotes unicycling worldwide. Gilby's the webmaster of this site!

Unicycling Society of America - organization that promotes unicycling in the USA with a newsletter and annual unicycling convention. They also have a list of known clubs in the USA.

Twin Cities Unicycle Club - the local club of the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

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