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This page tells you what changes have been made on all of Gilby's web pages and what's new with Gilby.

December 22nd, 2003

More than 3 years since the last update... that's pretty bad. A lot has changed over that last three years. I graduated from the U, became self-employed doing web development, bought a house, and many other things.

In any case, I have updated many of the pages in this site to reflect what is current with me. More changes will hopefully come soon. :)

April 2nd, 2000

It's been a really long time since I've done anything with this page or even the site (it's an ongoing trend). However yesterday I had a little fun with it. In case you didn't get it, it was April fools day. It's definitely an interesting idea though. Did you happen to find the Easter Egg on the page?

Even though this page has not been updated in a long time, I have still been doing lots of web site work, mostly for volunteer organizations (at this rate, I'll never work and get paid...). In January, I released the Unicycling Society of America's web site. Then in February, the UNICON X website was created. You're going to this world unicycling convention, right? Of course! It doesn't end there, I got a couple sites currently in development. One is the Twin City Unicycle Club's Website and the other is the Unicyclist Community Website at! I hope you're ready for all the great features I have dreamt up for this site. It's been in the planning stages since last fall, so I know that I am ready.

On top of all that web development, I've been really busy with schoolwork. This semester has had to have been the busiest yet, or at least it started out that way. For one of my classes I had to do an oral presentation, so of course I had to do it about some aspect of unicycling. So on February 16th, I did my presentation about my design for a carbon fiber freestyle unicycle that I hope to have built by this summers unicycling conventions. We'll see if I can accomplish it by then. I still have to draw it up in a CAD program.

April 1st, 2000

Gilby Productions is proud to introduce the AutoBalance Unicycle. This revolutionary unicycle is the dream machine for unicyclists all over the universe. With over one trillion features never found before on a unicycle, it has got to be the greatest unicycle ever. Want to find out more, check out the AutoBalance Unicycle Frequently Asked Questions.

November 5th, 1999

Gilby's Favorite Unicycling Links is a new section on my site. If you're looking for other cool unicycling sites, then check out the links on that page. The old comprehensive unicycling links database is still there, but additions to it have been pretty low, so I kinda abandoned it, but feel free to still add to it.

Credit Cards are now accepted for buying T-shirts. Of course you can still buy shirts the same way as before with check or money order by filling out this form.

The page with details of the E.T. shirt is now in German. Many thanks to Christian Hoverath for translating that page to German.

I am over half way through the fall semester at the University of Minnesota. Of course it's another term of hard classes. So far I gotten by parking free on the side streets when commuting to the U, then I ride my Coker 36" unicycle to class. It's worked really good so far and is nice when I have to cruise the other side of the river for one of my classes.

I am now officially in Upper Division for Mechanical Engineering at the U. Now I shouldn't have much of a problem getting into the classes I need to take since I can register earlier.

This fall, I broke another front endcap for my unicycle seat. That one didn't even last a year and I am running out of replacements since it's no longer made. However, I used my skills I've learn when reinforcing unicycle seats with composite materials to create a mold and then I made a new bumper out of carbon fiber. It's strong! However there is a problem with getting slivers from it, but a layer of kevlar on top of the carbon fiber should prevent that from happening. I'm going to try again to design a new seat made out of carbon fiber, though it'll start to get harder (no pun intended for those that know about composites) now that it's getting colder outside.

August 29th, 1999

Unicycling Planet T-shirts are here! They were introduced at the 1999 National Unicycle Convention in Washington State.

Also at Nuc'99, a couple shirts became discontinued after they were sold out. These shirts are the Primitive Unicycling and Hardcore Unicycling T-shirts. Similar designs of this shirt may be available in the future, such as one called 'Wheel Warrior', with a double-wheeler in the place of the giraffe on the Primitive Unicycling T-shirt. Though I might be the only person interested in one of those :-)

The Unicycle Across Minnesota Logbook is now updated since the 483 mile ride that occurred on August 14-22.

Summer is coming to an end... it's been a short one for me since I took a summer school class the first half of the summer and that my school is switching to Semesters and is therefore starting a few weeks earlier than last year. I took a screenprinting class at summer school and did make some Unicycle Across Minnesota posters as my final project. They turned out pretty good (only 8 though). I hope to get my own screenprinting equipment at home so I can start to screenprint my own T-shirts which will allow me to produce better quality T-shirts.

Less than a week after I finished my summer school class, I was off to NUC'99. The 1999 National Unicycle Convention was a blast, though I didn't come home with any first place medals in the expert category, maybe next year. I did win the big one again this year. That's the 36" Coker. Who thought it was possible to win it two years in a row? Well, the chances are about 1 in 8,000 that I won both times. Oh well, next year I better not enter in the raffle. Thanks to David Coker, and, the Unicycle Source for donating it to the raffle.

After NUC, I had a week to prepare for the 483 mile Unicycle Across Minnesota. It was a long ride from August 14th to the 22nd. I am sure glad I had a Coker!

July 8th, 1999

T-shirts are in the works! I am working a total of 5 designs printed this summer. One of those are the UAM T-shirts and only two days are left to order a Unicycle Across Minnesota T-shirt. The other shirts are The Language of Unicycling, Unicycling Planet, Don't Drink and Ride, and the 1999 Expert Competitor T-shirts. Please check them out and give suggestions for improvements.

My long distance unicycling logbook is getting to be huge. I have separated the pages in the index being a summary and then subpages for each 100 miles I've gone. Check it out!

It's a busy summer! Between training for the UAM ride, practicing for NUC, designing T-shirts, and my one summer school class, there is not much time left to do anything else. I'm having fun experimenting in my screen printing class and for my final project I plan on printing a poster for the Unicycle Across Minnesota. The time is flying by!

May 22nd, 1999

My long distance unicycle ride logbook is now on the web. It has a very detailed log of all the rides I've done since May 1st, 1999 in preparation for the Unicycle Ride Across Minnesota.

Yet another award for yet another page of double wheeled fun! For the month of May, the German version of my Doubled Wheeled Unicycling Photos is the website of the month. The English version was awarded this the month before! More pages are being translated into German.

I've added another picture to my Doubled Wheeled Unicycle Photos Page. It's a picture of me and a couple of cute girls that also ride double wheeled unicycles. Check it out!

Today I just went on a 31.5 mile (50.7 km) ride on my Coker 36" unicycle. What a fun ride! Check it out in my logbook.

This last Thursday, I put on some new cranks on my standard unicycle. They are 102 mm long. I have been looking around for some aluminum alloy ones, but didn't find any so I'm stuck with the heavy steel ones. They take a little getting used too, but I can fly on them (crank crank).

While I was putting on my new cranks, I finally figured out where the squeaking of my unicycle was coming from. I had thought it was the seat being loose on the seatpost, but it wasn't loose when I tried to turn is with my hand. I also thought it was the spokes. I knew about a crack in my frame for quite a while, it's right under the seat post clamp at the bottom of the slit. That was where the squeak was coming from and at that time it was holding on by just a few millimeters. I took the seatpost off the frame and snapped it the rest of the way. Then I got the steel cutting blade on the radial saw and chopped the frame at the top to give it a straight cut and then filed it away for a smooth edge. I decided not to cut a slit this time because I have a GT clamp that has two clamps, one clamps to the seatpost and the other to the frame. Not having the slit will help a crack not to propagate later on. This is the 2nd unicycle I've had this happen too.

This quarter of college is winding down, only 2 weeks left and a week of finals, then I am done. What a year... they have had me listed as a freshman at the beginning of the school and now I am a Junior, but two more years should be all I have left. I am doing amazingly well on the tests in my classes... hopefully that'll hold true when I get my 2nd Material Science test back this Monday.

May 2nd, 1999

Updated some of the T-shirt pages to include more information about the Fruit of the Loom T-shirts that the designs are printed on.

There is now a page available in German, the page with pictures of Gilby riding a double wheeled unicycle have been translated by Christian Hoverath. Many thanks to him for translating that page for me. More pages will be translated in the future into German.

The double wheeled unicycle photos page has been awarded "Die Einradwebseite des Monats April" award (that's the Unicycle Website of the Month award) for the month of April by, the Homepage of German Unicyclists. Receiving the award inspired me to get it translated into German (see above).

It's now mid-term at the University of Minnesota. The classes that I am taking are pretty difficult ones. I've only had one test so far, but to my amazement, I got an A on it (thanks to the low class average of 53 out of 100). It was in my Material Science class. My deform class is really easy, or so it seems. The teacher in that class is really good; I also had him last quarter for Statics. I wish I had him for Dynamics, as the teacher I have for this class isn't very good, and then to add in the difficulty of the material... especially with the tangential, normal, radial, and transverse components.

I have recently broken another unicycle seat. This one has lasted me almost a whole year, a lot longer than some have, such as those reinforced with an aluminum plate. Mine has been reinforced with aramid fibers (Kevlar 49). Over the last few weeks, I have been researching and experimenting with some composite reinforced materials (commonly called fiberglass) to develop a new unicycle seat. I am currently making the mold and hope that the final results will be the strongest, most comfortable, and lightest unicycle seat ever made. What a concept... to bad nobody ever thought of that before.

Today is the first day that counts in training for the Unicycle Ride Across Minnesota that our club, along with many other unicyclists, are going to be doing this summer. I went on a 10 mile ride today, so I am a tenth of the way to the 100 mile club. By the end of the summer, I'll probably be in the 2000 mile club... That's a lot of miles. I better hurry up and get some seats made, and see just how comfortable they really are. Expect to see my unicycle ride log book up on the web soon!

March 7th, 1999

Added some unicycling clipart that I created a few years ago in CorelDRAW. You're free to use it in whatever you want provided that I get a copy of it.

March 5th, 1999

Added a photo gallery of me on my double wheeled unicycle. OK, so that name is an oxy-moron, but check out the new page to see it for yourself.

Only two weeks left in this quarter! One week of class and then one week of finals.

Yesterday I broke a nipple on a spoke on my standard unicycle. I don't know how it happened, but I looked down at the wheel and they was a bent spoke that looked out of place. It was just dangling there, so I took it out. Now I only have 35 spokes in my wheel.

February 19th, 1999

More E.T. Unicycling T-shirts are now available. The shirts were printed just recently and are the 2nd time they have been printed because of popular demand for them. Changes made to the shirt include: more visible unicyclist, stars in the sky, larger gradient sky, ink for the trees, and now printed on both black and navy shirts. Check out the E.T - ein Einrad-Traum T-shirt!

I have been a very busy student lately at the UNIversity of Minnesota. Next week I have 3 midterm exams (maybe I should start studying :-), one in Statics, Differential Calculus with Linear Algebra, and Chemical Principles II. Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

Gilby doing a flying jump mount. The winter has been pretty good this year, and there has been some warm time to be able to go outside and do some curb hopping, grinds and other cool stunts on the sidewalks. Pictured here is me attempting a flying jump mount off of the ledge.

November 22th, 1998

It's been a long time since I last did anything to this website. I've been a busy student at the University of Minnesota. This quarter of school will be over pretty soon; I can't wait!

After three years of being level 7, on November 14th, I passed IUF Skill Level 8. The hardest trick for me was the pirouette. I still can't do it very well. I just got lucky when I was testing, but I'll really learn it when I try to learn the backwards pirouette.

September 10th, 1998

I fiddled around some more with the Unicycling Links pages and script. The Unicycling Links section is a directory of unicycling related sites that is sorted out in categories and is searchable. It's like a mini-Yahoo! I first started to play around with this script way back in May, and today I added it to my unicycling page. Please add as many links to it as you can. I am still not done with modifying the scripts, so please let me know if you have ideas for improvements. Also let me know if you think a category should be added, modified or deleted. -thanks

September 2nd, 1998

There is a new shirt design in the works called Unicycling Planet. Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

There is finally a page for the shirt titled Unicycling Productions, this shirt was made for the 1998 Individual Freestyle World Champion, Dustin Kelm.

Check out the new T-shirt Availability page to see if the shirt you want is available.

August 18th, 1998

I am back from NUC'98 and UNICON IX. I had a lot of fun making new friends and meeting old ones at both conventions.

At the 1998 National Unicycle Convention held in Los Angeles, I took the titles of "1998 USA Standard Artistic Runner-up" and the "1998 USA Mountain Unicycling Uphill Champion." I am the proud owner of a new 36" Coker unicycle that I won in the raffle at the NUC.

At the 1998 International Unicycling Convention (UNICON IX) held in Bottrop, Germany, I won the title of 4th place champion in Standard Artistic. In Germany, I sold out of the E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum T-shirt and only had a few shirts left of Primitive Unicycling and the New Age Unicyclist.

After UNICON IX, I traveled around Europe to the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Iceland.

July 12th, 1998

Gilby's page is now open! So if you find any bugs (broken links, typos, etc.), please let me know.

On the T-shirt page, descriptions of shirts are available for: E.T. - ein Einrad-Traum, 1998 Expert Competitor, New Age Unicyclist, Primitive Unicycling, Twin City Unicycle Club, and 1998 USA Unicycle Team.

The photography page has a few pictures on it. I still need to scan in my portfolio of photos.

The unicycling page is still under construction.

The about section of this site includes: Who is Gilby, Sign the Guestbook, and Give Feedback.

I am currently getting ready for the US National Unicycling Convention and UNICON IX (International Unicycling Convention) that is just a few days away. Yesterday, I broke the axle on my standard unicycle, and my custom built two-wheeler is in to get chromed. So I don't have my unicycles to practice my routines. -Gilby

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