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My real name is Kevin Gilbertson, but many people call me Gilby. If you couldn't tell from the contents of the rest of this site, my interests include: unicycling, engineering, web development, T-shirt creation, page layout, graphics, computers, and photography. My birthday is on September 1st, 1979 and I have lived in Minnesota, USA all of my life. I have traveled to many places in the world including: South Africa, China, England, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, and Canada.


In unicycling, I am a member of a local unicycling club, the Twin Cities Unicycle Club; I also am a member of the national organization, Unicycling Society of America; and last, I am involved in the International Unicycling Federation.

Gilby riding uphill at the 1998 National Unicycling Convention I have been unicycling for 16 years, since I was 8 years old. Many have claimed that I am the best unicyclist on a double-wheeled unicycle. I am an IUF skill level 8 rider, the 1997 US National Unicycling Standard Artistic Champion, and the 1998 US Uphill MUni Champion.

Most of my unicycling these days have been playing unicycle hockey and mountain unicycling (there aren't any mountains in Minnesota though, but all off road riding is typically called mountain unicycling).

With the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, I practice a couple times a week doing freestyle, hockey, racing, group riding formations, long-distance, Mountain Unicycling and a whole lot more.

In August of 1999, I participated in the 775 kilometer (482 mile) Unicycle Across Minnesota which started at the Iowa border and ended at the border of Canada. The ride spanned 9 days, and was one of the hardest accomplishments I have ever managed to complete.

I am the Webmaster of the Twin Cities Unicycle Club, was Secretary for one year and a Jr. Officer when I was younger. Currently I am also a Director for the Unicycling Society of America. I am the webmaster of all three unicycling organizations that I am a member of, which includes: the International Unicycling Federation (since Aug. 1997), the Unicycling Society of America (since Jan. 2000), and the Twin Cities Unicycle Club (since Jan. 2000) web sites.


I started to design T-shirts in December of 1994 when the Twin Cities Unicycle Club needed a new logo. Ever since then, I have designed a lot of T-shirts for many unicycling organizations and events. In the summer of 1998, I finally completed some of my own T-shirt designs that I've been working on that are not associated with any unicycling organizations. Since 1998, more T-shirts designs have been made and printed.

Web Development

I have been doing web development since 1995, when I created my first personal web page. I wasn't really good back then, but many years have passed and I am a whole lot better. I am currently self-employed and do web development for a living. Most of my work has been on the programming side of web development and I do most my coding in PHP using MySQL databases. On the design side, I am pretty good with the "old-style" HTML way of doing things, but I am currently working on getting good at XHTML and CSS web pages. This website should get a facelift sometime soon, as it's 1998 coding is getting outdated, and a new look might be nice.


In my Junior year at Mounds View High School, I took a full year of photography classes. I loved to compose pictures in the darkroom by combining different negatives and mixing them to be one photo and by playing with the chemicals and technical part of the darkroom to get results that were out of the ordinary. My favorite thing to do in photography was to take pictures with the simplest and least expensive camera, the pin-hole camera. This camera created some very strange effects; the effects are difficult to explain, so check it out for yourself by going to my photography page.


I've attended the University of Minnesota from 1998 to 2002 studying Mechanical engineering. I got my bachelor's degree in May 2002, with a minor in managament. I like to invent new things using my engineering skills and doing computer aided engineering to draw up some designs and analyse the designs. However, since graduation, I have not made use of my Mechanical Engineering knowledge.

Page Layout and Graphics

I love to create cool visual effects on a computer. I have done this by designing T-shirts, designing the masthead and cover of the On One Wheel (cover for issues 23-3 to 24-1), making unicycling clipart, and designing many other miscellaneous documents.


I got into computers when I was young and had an Amiga 500 that was upgraded to a whopping 512kb of RAM. In 1994, I needed more power to play with the cool stuff and got a Pentium 90Mhz (with the bug).

In April of 1999 I made my own speed-demon computer. A lightning fast 800 MHz of power! (It was very fast at the time). It's a dual 400 Mhz Pentium II computer. It's a huge improvement in speed from the P90. I did a little benchmark in Photoshop where I timed how long it took to do a simple task and on the old 'puter it took over 9 minutes to complete and the new one took less than a minute!

That computer is now toast (literally) as it ceased to work after a house fire in the summer or 2003. That was my dad's computer and in 2002, I built my own computer on a small budget.

I know quite a bit about computers, but haven't kept up to date with all the new technology, since I am busy with other things (uhhh.. unicycling).

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